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About the author

I am a clinical psychologist, living in Australia with my wife and two boys.

I developed a love of writing fiction from around the age of 8. Up until the time the demands of my tertiary studies intensified in 2001 I regularly wrote short fiction pieces. From 2001 through to the present my production of fiction writing plummeted to nearly nothing, with most of my writing abilities during that period being channelled into academic writing and psychological report writing. I was recently reminded, through discussions with a work colleague who shared an interest in creative writing, of the joy that I got from writing fiction (and, more specifically, the joy I got from sharing my written work with interested readers). I struggled to think of ways to encourage a return to writing, until eventually I was struck with the idea of starting a fiction blog.

About the writing

I have many times thought about trying to write a longer piece of fiction, such as a novel. I find myself lacking any ideas, though, for a basic, good story to hold a novel together. I’ve tended to be better at writing shorter pieces that might be character studies, metaphors or just humorous vignettes.

Nevertheless, I have some vague ideas floating around for possible longer works of fiction. I am hoping that as I write fiction for this blog I might start to draw together short works of fiction into a larger, loosely connected story. A long time ago I started developing three key characters with the intention of bringing them together in one story: Wayne, a uni student developing obsessive compulsive disorder, Sandra, also a uni student and also developing OCD, and Gordon, a serial scammer. I have posted my original pieces about these characters on this blog as a starting point, and their stories are beginning to develop slowly.

I am planning to write from a broad range of perspectives and voices. Over time you should encounter everything from first-person present-tense narrative to second-person future-tense in the pieces posted here. I also intend to use the unique capabilities of the world wide web to add additional dimensions to the writing here.

For example, you may find stories with references to true historical events including links to articles referring to those events (for an example, see Gordon’s Diary II). You may find stories with geotags or links to maps and Google Streetview to be able to witness first hand the location in which the story is set (for an example, see Sandra’s Date). It is likely that my fiction will in future link to other author’s fiction, non-fiction commentaries, on-line artworks and music, and so-on.

My inspirations & influences

I remember, when I was in high school, being confused to hear authors asked, “Who are your influences?” I had this idea that writer’s should be able to have their own entirely unique voice that wasn’t influenced by anyone. In fact, I arrogantly believed that my own amateur writing at the time was “uninfluenced”, purely my own unique talent. Of course I’ve grown up a bit and I’m well aware now that my writing has always been influenced by what I’ve read. My most obvious influences are Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. Beyond that I know there are many, many, other influences on my writing but I would struggle to pinpoint them.

As a psychologist and a bit of an intellectual type, the biggest inspirations for my writing are the things I continually muse over. I often feel compelled to consider things more deeply than we might usually be automatically inclined to. I am sometimes a bit like the young child that asks all those annoying questions about everything that we adults see as obvious and unimportant. Only I ask the questions of myself for the most part. But then I sometimes feel compelled to write about it, which is a common starting point for the things I write.

I hope you, and others, can glean some enjoyment from my writing. After all, I ultimately write so that others can read it and enjoy it. If you do enjoy what you read, please let me know – then I will feel encouraged to write more.


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30/05/2009 at 09:55

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